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Name:Mr. H. Jaya Sitepoe [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: cctv_agen Y!: cctv_agen Y!: geri_rief Y!: geri_rief Y!: indri_kjs Y!: indri_kjs Y!: dalopeza Y!: dalopeza
WhatsApp: 081932316311 081932316311
Mobile Number:021 98087154 ~ 0852.1684.1896
Phone Number:021-39842918 - Shop / Toko
Address:Jl. Kramat Raya 101 Plaza Kenari Mas Lt F2 No.23 / 166
Jakarta Pusat 10440, Jakarta
Main Product : CCTV Camera, Computer, Accesories dan GPS Navigasi
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Registration Date:Nov. 06, 2009
Last Updated:Nov. 10, 2015
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Security & Protection category

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Company Brief

PT. KJS - Reliable Company And Full Responsibility

Companies that focus on one company' s business scope .... is that fall into categories to ensure customer satisfaction and individual

Click .... . . www.agencctv.com ...... IS ALSO ONE IN INDONESIA OR MAYBE IN ASIA, WEBSITE WHICH CAN BE DIRECTLY TO SEE THE SELLER AND MARKETING COMPANY, EVEN IF movement is a DELAY ( Live night facing the street Kramat Raya in Central Jakarta) . Shown LIVE streaming direct, to be more convincing consumers and agents all over Indonesia, that we were really focused and committed in the business security system. AND GOOD LUCK TO 360 MORE AGENTS, RESELLERS AND CONTRACTOR As of 1 Febuary 2011 - ALL INDONESIA AS WE ARE ALREADY entrust BUSINESS PARTNER ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM.

Office and Showroom Pictures Pt. KJS, can be viewed in a Live / direct in 3 options: 1. Office Live click or copy .. http: / / agencctv.com 2. LINK THROUGH DVR ~ http: / / view.kjs-ss, com ( username / password = demo ) 3. CCTV Camera 3G GSM: 0812.8848.5223 ~ Just to ensure our presence in Jakarta and Bandar Lampung. Live CCTV Demo Lampung: http: / / kjscctvlpg.dyndns.org username = admin, No password ( Recommended open at IE - internet explorer.

" HONESTY IS A PART OF OUR Professionalism "
( Carefully..! .. Hologram - Brand - Seals .. it is very easy to make for a Product ... taped carefully)

Demo Wireless CCTV Camera:
3G GSM press: 0812.8848.5223 ~ select video options Call.and than OK .. Direct live.

If you still doubt the existence of us, or feel scared in circumvention when shopping online, please visit us at Kramat Raya Jln Kenari Mas Plaza 101 Lt F2 No. 23 / 166 Central Jakarta, Or want to come straight to the office ( thank God they will be building on Behalf of Self-Ownership) Or you can send Courier / relative / friend / relative you, to just look, and check the truth of our existence. Or see the Onlione / directly from the camera cctv at: .... CCTV LIVE Our Office or Showroom: www.agencctv.com ( live cctv you can see direct Owner Or Marketing ) YM ...> cctv_agen

Special Thank ' s, ... To 450 more Agent / Reseller And some of the Contractors ( as of Febuary 1 2011) all over Indonesia, which has entrusted our company as a business partner, good luck to you all ... Amiin

Replacement Warranty for the camera, One Brand only. Dvr first replacement for 1 month. Warranty does not apply if: Human Error and Force Majeur ( natural disasters)

Major Products / Services
  • Camera cctv - CCTV Camera
    melayani pemasangan dan penjualan untuk seluruh indonesia
  • Computer dan Accesories
    Bandingkan dulu harga di toko lain...baru kemudian beli di Toko kami " LINA JAYA COMPUETR's "
  • Alarm System / Acces Control
    Kami menjual Product alarm merk ALBOX - SOLUTION - dapat juga membeli Brand lain melalui Perusahaan kami. di Jamin harga paling kompetitive.
  • Fingerprint : SOLUTION & ALBOX
    YM : kjs_ss atau kjs_ss@yahoo.co.id

    kunjungi webstore online Indonesia www.agencctv.com
  • Security Equipment System
    Pt. Komala Jaya Sejahtera adalah Specialist bidang security system khususnya cctv camera. terima kasih kepada 250 lebih Reseller - Agen - Marketer dan Contractor seluruh Indonesia yang telah mempercayai dan bekerjasama dalam bidang usaha security system ini...Salam sukses semuanya.
  • Di cari Partner usaha CCTV - ALARM - ACCES - Seluruh Indonesia
    Bagi Kontraktor, Pimpro, Marketer yang berkecimpung di bidang security system, khususnya cctv camera, alarm dan acces control dapat bekerjasama dng kami untuk mendapatkan harga yg paling kompetitif, estimasi, simulation pekerjaan. Klik : www.agencctv.com ( live streaming marketing office kjs Jakarta )

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